Rate Rising!

Many people sit on the fence waiting for the perfect chance to buy. Then, the day comes, interest rates rise and the market passes them by. Don't be that person. 

The federal reserve bank has indicated that they are likely to rate the federal funds rate three to four times this year. When this kind of announcement is made, almost immediately mortgage interest rates rise. 

In most metropolitan areas of California the average home purchase is well above $500,000. A mortgage of $400,000 at 4% will cost approximately $1910, the same mortgage at 5% is $2147 an increase of $237. 

Why wait?

Great America

President's day holiday is a great excuse to take a holiday!

But, there is more.

I love America and I know that most American's feel the same. I have watched this great nation struggle through many challenges. I expect that many more will come. However, as with the past, we will grow as a nation and a people.

A friend of mine, whose national origin is Iraqi, said to me "the great thing about America is that so many people are willing to work toward the best interest of America."

I thought to myself, this is true. Americans want America to be Great!

Let's all remember, during this president's holiday, why we argue--for the good of America!

Valentines Day

I don't know the history of Valentines day, some say it was created by companies seeking additional sales. I have read otherwise, but who really knows?

One thing that I know for sure, I learned this a long time ago, the hard way, is that I better come to this day prepared.

Go out and get something for your significant other, or he/she may just decide to like you a little bit less, at least for a day.

Don't say I didn't warn you!

I Love Selling Homes

Every client, whether buyer or seller, is different. Every property and the circumstances of the sale is different. Big house, small house, high price or low, whether old or new, the clients needs are always the priority. A successful transaction requires excellent communication, constant awareness and vigilant devotion to the clients requirements.

I love that this industry keeps me engaged in the needs of people and drives me to continually update my knowledge and skills. It is not for the faint of heart!

Love Of Country

We are on the cusp of a leadership change. Whether for or against the incoming administration, I think that we all agree, cooperation is important. Our country has many ongoing and upcoming needs. I am hopeful that we will develop a moderate approach toward the creation and implementation of policy.

Be active, stay active, speak your mind!

Low Inventory

Across most California cities, available homes for sale (inventory) remains low. In some communities,  like the bay area tri-valley the supply of available homes is below thirty days. In the foothill properties things are a little better, Folsom and El Dorado Hills is approximately two months supply, whereas Cameron Park is less than one month.

Fewer sellers in the winter months can mean better opportunities for buyers.

Happy Homeowners

Three very wonderful people got their Christmas wish, a new home. Mark, Cindy and Kaylee sold their home in Livermore and today took ownership of ten beautiful acres in the sierra foothills. They were great people to work with--I think I had as much fun showing them homes as they did looking. My hope is that you will enjoy this great country home for many years. And when you are ready, we are going to help Kaylee find the perfect horse.
Thank you so much for letting me be part of your lives!

Mortgage Lending


Interest rates on the rise, regulatory requirements eased (hopefully), what does this mean. Obvious to all, when the Fed raises rates, mortgage markets follow. How high, nobody knows. However, in the various over-heated markets, like the San Francisco Bay, even small increases can have a significant impact of annual cost to the homeowner. Hopefully, as the new administration begins fullfilling its campaign promises, easing of regulation, which have hindered mortgage lending since '08, more available buyers will help maintain a strong marketplace.

Let's hope for the best!

Market Changes

Many years ago, a realtor hovered around a neighborhood and became the best and most knowledgeable person that you could turn to for information on the current real estate market. Today real estate agents use similar techniques, however, now Realtors have far reaching territories which require a constant effort to learn and understand the many different available markets.

People who are looking to buy or sell, typically go to the internet first for information. The web is an excellent starting place, but as with all efforts to learn, a time comes when you must rely on some help to determine the best course of action.

Today's Realtor no longer roams the neighborhood looking to snag any homeowner who is thinking about making a move. A successful Realtor goes beyond your neighborhood and learns the nuances of your area using complex search techniques to ascertain anything and everything available--to ensure that you are provided with the latest and most up to date information.

The internet really has changed all of our lives.

However, the one thing that the internet cannot provide,  is a person who is attentive to the things that are important to you. Only a qualified and experienced Realtor listens to your needs and responds with guidance to help you make the best possible decision.

Happy Hunting!